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Thread: forest leases dsc1 ???

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    forest leases dsc1 ???

    Hi Guys

    Do all forestry companys require dsc2 for deer leases or will some lease with dsc1 only ????



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    I've only ever been asked for DSC 2 by FC - some forestry companies (Bidwells e.g.) don't want anything, other than insurance. And money. Obviously.

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    Most of the Forestry companies want lev one FC want lev to and Fit n Competent register. Some of the new ground that the FC are tendering out to private companies also need to have a lev 2 standard for the DMP .I feel its only a matter of time before most will want a higher standard.

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    as 6 pointer says level 1 but you must be acompanied by a level 2 off the syndicate and you must gain level 2 within the year. i think the people who ask for level two candidates as it is a bind on people to always arrange to be on the ground with the level 1. ,atb wayne
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    With forestry commission scotland you can be on the lease with level 1 but can only stalk the ground if you are with someone with level 2.


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    My experience is that most require Level 1 and the FC require Level 2.

    All have requested the details of every person conducting deer management on each lease (in effect no guests, prohibiting someone from making a commercial enterprise out of a given lease)

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    You can be a name on an FC lease with level 1 as long as you are working towards level 2. Somebody on the lease must have level 2 though


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