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Thread: Cheap 4x4

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    Cheap 4x4

    I am looking at buying a cheap 4x4 as I use my normal car for stalking at present and it stops me going shooting as I refuse to take it down the farm lanes this time of years as covered in mud. So I have been looking at a 4x4 but no more than 2000, even thats stratching it really. It doesnt need to be a big vehicle, just for 2 people to use and to get a couple of Roe or Sika in the back. Any recommendations on what to get and what to look for as in faults with the make you reccomend. It wont be driven huge distances nor will it get alot of miles on the clock as such. So far have been told Jimny or Sportrak.

    Many thanks


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    Suzuki Jimny. 'nuff said.


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    Both of them will be fine, bit tight on space perhaps by the time deer, dogs rifles, people are loaded........also could consider an old pick up, if its not going to get high mileage, looks aren't imperative there are plenty of old hilux's out there that'd be fine, just make sure it's a four wheel drive one!

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    I had a sportrak for 8 years on a h reg,it was horrible to drive,a real bone shaker,terrible on fuel but most reliable vehicle I ever had and brilliant off road,the roof comes off in 2 mins undoing several bolts,benchrest lamping off the top,the injection model should be better on fuel

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    Nissan Terrano or Ford Maverick 2.7td. Short or long wheel base. They go anywhere and are comfortable to drive.
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    I'd be surprised if you get a Jimney for under 2K.

    Look at the older Disco's 300Tdi's.....

    Before everyone say's 300Tdi's are S**t, stay away from Land Rover etc.... a 2K motor, is a 2K motor, you ain't going to get a cracker in any 4x4 at that price, but look around, there are some good bargains to be had.

    It took me 4 months to eventually get what I have got an L200, I got it for a very good price and those who have seen or been in it, can't believe I got as much car for the money.

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    I've had most 4x4's - the current one is a Rav 4 - which is OK. Its very comfortable and easy to drive, wife likes it (at least it gets to the top of the road in a foot of snow) and takes all my gear. The downsides - heavy on the juice and difficult and expensive to fix. But for eight hundred quid? You can find them very cheap for the same reasons.

    I will say (notwithstanding TJ's imploring above!) - stay away from Landrover - unless you really like dirty fingernails. I've had four - a slow learner...........

    Suzuki's (at least the two I've had) are good - economical, easy to fix an dwill go anywhere. But yes expensive to buy and a bit "basic" to drive.

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    I have had a Suzuki jimny for 5 years and am happy with it, you will find an older MK1 version for that money. They are fast enough to loose your licence and fuel is not too bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    Nissan Terrano or Ford Maverick 2.7td. Short or long wheel base. They go anywhere and are comfortable to drive.

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    Mitsubishi pajero swb?.?

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