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Thread: Ok, so this may raise questions of my sanity.....but sunset....

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    Ok, so this may raise questions of my sanity.....but sunset....

    I was stalking on the farm yesterday afternoon, and I thought something was a bit strange.....normally at this time of day I have to stalk in one direction around the farm because the setting sun completely obscures my view as I am facing directly west if walking along one long boundary. Last night however this was not the case, the sun was setting to the south, ok, so I've gone mad, this doesn't happen, I'm confused, and no, I hadn't been drinking!

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    Were youre trousers on back wards?
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    Nope, think I managed to dress myself ok! Really had me confused though, maybe those yanks were doing some strange military sh!t and moved the sun or something, all goes on down here with mildenhall and lakenheath!

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    Not crazy. The sun sets more or less in the south west this time of year. Actually a bit south of SW here.

    Rises in the north east here in June.

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    The sun will be further south because it is winter. In the summer the sun will appear further north. I won't go all scientic on you but it is to do with the earth tilting on its axis as the seasons progress.
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    Thank f*ck for that, thought I'd lost the plot!

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    we learn something new everyday

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    That is what Scully would say, but Moulder, he might find something mightily strange there.
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    Got a good app called solar walk that explains it all. Interesting stuff

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    Its nice to see the sun go down,most of this year we have watched the rain come down and down and down a bit more

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