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Thread: Pigeon/Rough shooting

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    Pigeon/Rough shooting

    I know this will be a long shot, just wondering if anybody knew/has any land available for any Pigeon/Rough shooting. I'm willing to pay a small fee for rights for this, if needed. I shoot with a 12g shotgun and Also have a .22, fully insured and been shooting for over 10 years. looking for somewhere Sussex/Surrey border. Fill free to pm. Thanks in adavance,

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    Shame your not a bit closer. My brothers farm has plenty of pigeons on at the moment. Alway there in the week never there at weekends when the guns are free

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    Hi Adam,

    Ive recently joined the forum and was searching some old posts. Im located in Surrey and saw your post and wondered if you had any luck obtaining any land? I have full FAC with .17hmr .22 and .243. I too am looking for some land around the sussex/surrey border as i have only got permissions down on a farm 4 hours away in Wales! Anyway hope you had some luck finding some land and look forward to a response.

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