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Thread: 444cal home load.

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    444cal home load.

    Hi All.
    First deer with 444 marlin and my home loads 240grn xtp over 50-3grns vn130.
    A nice size muntjac doe very nice for sunday lunch.
    Just a pict or two.
    All the best lever man.

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    looks fun

    bet you never misplace those binos!

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    Now I am really missing my Marlin 45-70

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    exellent post, nice bins as well,minox?, atb wayne
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    Minox yes bright yes very good bins and at very low price hence my bins.

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    Hi Leverman
    what velocity are you pushing the 240 xpt? just Hornady only rate the 240 gr xpt to just over 1800fps .
    I have never used them as i was worried that they would give up and fail as i push my .444 to around 2300fps with a 265gr interlock to great effect with imr 4198 or reloader 7.
    Good to see another .444M shooter on here.


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    You guys would have fun with cast bullets in the .444 Marlin. I had two that I built, both with a 1-18" twist for heavy bullets. Both were screamers with a 365 grain, gas checked NEI bullet. For lighter loads I used a Lyman 429-421 cast bullet over H4831. It weighed 258 grains and gave black powder velocities and pressures.~Muir

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    Hi reiver.
    240grn xtp with vn130 50-3grns 2290fps no fail or give up 1/2inch in 1 inch out. To day on big doe muntjac bang flop.
    All the best lever man.

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