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Thread: Third Eye Tactical Return to Zero?

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    Third Eye Tactical Return to Zero?

    Does anyone have any experience with the TET unimount and whether they return to zero? My cabinet won't fit my rifle in with the scope attached so could really do with a mount that will return to zero.


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    lots out there,
    most claim to return to zero but the relatively recent ST article showed most return to within 1/4-1/2" of original POI
    They didnt review the Leupold QR system
    but covered the usual suspects of EAW, 3rd eye, and a couple of others I forget which

    I dont like the design of many and am sure over time the swing off mounts have to give rise to a windage variable as the rear mount settles and or becomes worn.

    I like the Leupold post design as there is no windage variable possible as the post drop in.
    the clamping force pulls the post into the bore vertically
    the only variable that may occur is if dirt or foreign body gets between ring and base but as soon as you tried to tighten them you would realise this.

    I like them, run them on four calibres with removable barrels and they all return to zero

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    Thanks for the reply, had a look at the ST article, it's quite interesting.

    I was aware of 1 or 2 companies that advertise their mounts as being able to return to zero but I haven't been able to find anymore info on the Third Eye. I'm interested in that model in particular as I've just bought one but I'm not going to be able to shoot with it, remove it and test it until the New Year and I'm wondering whether to return it.

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    ARMS throw leaver mounts work, had my 308 hitting V Bulls at 1000 yards Bisley, too the scope off, put it back on to see how the zero shot another V Bull. Say no more.

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    Are you fitting the Unimount to a Third Eye Rail? If so i will be very suprised if it does not return its zero point. I watched these being manufactured and the Engineering is first class. Give them a bell and i am sure they will put your mind at ease.


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    I get the impression that throw lever style mounts are more likely to return as they are re-fitted with the same amount of force each time. That being said, I will be refitting with a torque wrench so that shouldn't make a difference.

    No it's a AI rail on a 700. I think you're right, since no one seems to have any experience of this specific mount, I'll give them a ring.


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    force shouldnt change position unless you can crush something physically
    the design should allow the mount to return to alignment each time regardless of clamping force

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