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Thread: Light coloured roe kid

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    Light coloured roe kid

    I was out for a walk last night and discovered this light coloured roe kid . Its coat was a lot lighter than normal roe kids and it didnt have the usual black around its eyes or a black nose.

    Just wondering if it will turn into a very light coloured individual ???

    Any comments from other stalkers, what do you think ???

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    Will be interesting to catch up with it later (if it survives it will be very noticable to charlie ) to see what colour it's twin is ,if it has one.
    Looks similar to the colour of the one in Sporting Rifle.

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    It does look pretty light to me too, I have not come across any as of yet this year but I am worried that a few have probably been through the grass cutting machinery on much of my ground this week!

    Regs Lee

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    what a priveledge to even get so close , I had a kid last season that took to me for ages , filmed it but like a TwAXXX had the lens cap on , ******** . a cute ROE KID , trouble is this time of year folks just think they are abandoned !!! they mean well and pack em off to RSPCA as foundlings!!.The colour is very light , some would say ALBINO , I doubt that and it will darken I presume with age . What a cracker .
    regards Trapper

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    What a cracking moment.
    I have yet to witness one and they also have cut all the grass around one of my permissions, fox fodder


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    wot a beautifull little creature 8)
    if it was more yellow in colour then possibilty of it turning white as it matures
    but not this one
    it will probally just be a light coloured roe , now't to worry about , but will help you recognise it in years to come
    but a great pic all the same

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    Nice example.

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