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Thread: Calibre question

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    Calibre question

    Ok this may take some kind SD member a bit of time but I would appreciate it. My question is, starting with a .22, moving up one calibre to .17 whats next and so on with humane killing rage next to each calibre, fo example

    .22LR - 100 yds
    .17HMR - 150 yds
    .?? - ?? yds
    .?? - ?? yds

    Hope someone can advise

    Oh and I realise alot depends on the shooters experience and his/her capabilities

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    What are you planning on killing?~Muir

    PS: ANd while you're at it, why don't you skip to the end and tell us your reason for asking. Once you hit the centerfire cartridges it will be like asking what's the best flavor of icecream. Everyone will have an opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    What are you planning on killing?~Muir
    Just a question Muir mate, not thinking anything other than what calibre sits where and its range

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    It depends on the size, weight, skin of the creature you are trying to kill
    and your ability to put the bullet in a vital area.
    It then depends on the energy of the bullet to penetrate
    and the construction of the bullet and how it performs when it hits
    your target.
    The most humane kill is through the brain stem
    but because this is a small target surrounded by non vital areas
    a heart lung shot is normally recommended. Death is not instantaneous
    but caused by disruption,and blood pressure loss in a second or so
    the more energy the better therefore within reason. as is a bullet that will penetrate
    and expand.

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    So lets say I wanted a calibre other than .17 HMR for fox. Whats the next good fox calibre up from 17?

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    22 Hornet
    220 swift

    and on it goes.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Probably a .22-250
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I have asked for a 243 but now I am thinking that might be a little too much more?

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    .243 is a good all round calibre, for foxes and can be used for deer also.

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