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Thread: Help identifying a round?

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    Question Help identifying a round?

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong section, but I was wondering if anyone could help me to identify this round as it has me stumped?

    Pics are below and show measurements. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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    297/250 rook rifle?

    Sorry, just saw the caliper on the bullet diameter - so perhaps 297/230 short?
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    I think that it is something like 287/230 (Short) Morris for use in Morris Tube converted Martini-Henry and, later on, Lee-Enfield rifles. Before the all conquering 22 Rimfire swept all of then aside!

    Had the great advantage that the Morris Tube could be inserted down the rifle and yet, as it was centrefire, the firing mechanism didn't have to be converted to rimfire. This worked OK in the 450/577 Martini but in the 303 Lee Enfield if you got a stuck bullet it bulged the very thin tube and thus BOTH TUBE AND RIFLE were rendered unserviceable as you couldn't then get the Tube out!

    They were notorious cartridges for misfires from my long time ago experience of them! So this is actually a "military cartridge" in reality and not a "sporting cartridge" per se. And totally useless it the one single advantage as noted above.
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    Yes! Is there a coconut as a prize?

    Attachment 22074

    No doubt huge amounts around the Republic in the various Drill Halls of the former British Army from before the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

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    hi mate not postive but think its a 297/250 rook introduced by holland and holland for semi smoothbore rifles there was half a dozen of these rounds in different calibres. This load dates back prior to 1880 and was used for rooks

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    Thanks for the replies. It seems you are correct, enfieldspares. It's a very interesting round I had never come across before. A clever idea too, I might add. I remember some people who had serves using enfields mentioning 22 insert barrels, but never made the connection to the fact that a 22 centrefire must have been needed.

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