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Thread: Leupold CDS "Custom Dial System" elevation turret

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    Leupold CDS "Custom Dial System" elevation turret

    Anybody fitted an Leupold CDS "Custom Dial System" elevation type turret to their scope as an add on? Is it possible with old Leupold scopes?

    If not above is it possible to get an ballistic turret fitted to my VX-111 scope as an after-market add on?
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    Leupold Tactical | Kenton Industries
    have a look on here these might help, atb wayne
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    needs coin slot turrets

    most old ones do
    some dont
    some VXIII dont

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    Had one made by Kenton for my VX III, best thing since sliced bread in my experience, you send in you load details and it's made to measure, absolutely spot on for long range shots taken during my recent trip to S.Africa, when used with a rangefinder with the angle increment, I was taken shots with confidence from mountain tops to the flats below. Well worth the money. deerwarden

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    I've been looking to these CDS turrets on the net, and the 3 allen screws might be suitable for almost any scope. Has anybody tried that? (for example to a Conquest or Meopro scope)


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