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Thread: Freezing Duck Ponds

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    Freezing Duck Ponds


    Does anyone have any clever ideas about keeping duck ponds from freezing in these conditions. We have 1 duck pond that just seems to hold water but very litle ever seems to run into it (but some does flow out, always baffled me) so very litle flowing water if any.

    Over the past few years i've had a few random ideas to try and keep the water moving a bit althou most have involved the wind which tends to be non existant in frost/high pressure and nothing that i'd really expect to work.

    My lates tbrain wave/fart i think will work but may well scare the duck off. We have the odd fallow on the estate i was thinking off either placing a salt lick or trough a couple of feet out into the shallow water so the deer would come in a disturb the water keeping it open, but would they also scare any feeding duck off, it's purely a flight pond so duck tend only to sit on over nite. The salt lick would probably be near the shallow area where i feed the ducks to.

    Anyone got any better ideas? Or think this might work


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    One of my best ponds used to get have swans resident for most of the winter and their swimming about kept the ponds free of ice for a little longer. I know someone who added a ton of road salt, not a good idea!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ive seen pleasure boats in Norway that have been left in the water during the winter, they have bubbles comming up around them which keeps the water from freezing, not sure what , but some kind of pump i guess...

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    I obviously don't know the setup of your pond BUT one method of stopping ponds freezing is to increase the speed of the outflowing water by narrowing the exit, it's hard to explain.

    imagine a dam that is made of railway sleepers stacked one on top of the other, it's 6ft wide, the water slowly trickles over all the six feet width of the dam, if the surface water is prone to freezing you can cut a check into the top sleeper, say 2 feet wide by 5 inches deep, this means all the water flows through this check speeding up the flow of the water trying to get out.

    Il see if I can find a photo for you.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I understand that dan, makes sense, the problem being where the outlet pipe (outlet pipe is only 18" anyway and not running very full) is is really deep water so no good for duck/feeding anyway.

    I have a fair bit off other digger work to do around the shoot next spring hopefully if the ground ever dries up, and will try to drain some wet areas into it to try get some water flowing in, but pond is fairly badly designed (in my opinion) far too much deep water so feeding places limited.

    When i was keepering full time we used to have some tiny shallow splashes/ponds that would rarely freeze just with the ammount of ducks coming in keeping them open when even large lochs nearby had all but frozen over

    I think the salt licks should attract the fallow as u can see where they come to get a drink and that disturbance would prob be enough to keep it open but would that spook the ducks that are on?

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    Snap, happened last year. Currently field with flight pond is a swamp, might be lucky to get within 50yds of it. Biggest flight pond in the area is still growing on the Somerset levels.


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    Why bother ! We don't do the ponds if It's that frozen anyway to avoid dogs getting trapped and birds not being able to be picked ......just my opinion .
    As for the salt lick idea ....don't think that's a goer
    Either put more ducks on or feed more to encourage more wild birds to inhabit and visit .

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    depends how badly you want it ice free

    I built a battery (car) powered pump pumping air through garden hose to 4 or 5 4mm silicon hoses with air stones on the end.
    places stones several feet apart in deep water

    alternatively get a "leaky hose " style aerator (or make one from garden hose and put lots of 0.5mm holes in it all along its length

    doesnt create a jacuzi but stops ice forming over

    you will probably find the pump running is more of a issue than the ice

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    heap the food right up out of the water , if theres enough duck theyll keep a bit clear . Dont put salt in the water

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    Bloody ell trouble where have you been ? I've missed your keepering input !

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