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Thread: Tesco venison

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    Tesco venison

    I have just been to a Tesco and I noticed that all the venison is back to being farmed New Zealand instead of highland game. Obviously their contract didn't last long!

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    I suppose it all comes down to regular supply, but it beggars belief that it can be more cost effective to bring a farmed animal half way around the world than one that is farmed here, or even a wild one which hasn't cost anything to rear!
    Then we go and export loads of our Roe to Europe!!!
    It's crazy, but at least people are getting around to the idea of eating it regularly which has to be a good thing!

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    Its all New Zealand venison in Lidls as well who say they are a supporter of Scottish produce. Its back to the issue that we export most of our venison to Europe.

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    new zealand farmed deer is bigger than the beef trade out there it was amazing to see how many deer farms where dotted about the place .
    whilst we were stalking a piece of ground we spotted a couple of tagged deer out in the wilds, atb wayne
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    I would say that in many cases, the farmed New Zealand product is of much higher quality than that available from many UK game dealers. The Kiwi's standard of butchery is of an incredibly high standard, and their marketing of the product worldwide is spot on.

    The other reason why farmed venison (UK or NZ sourced) has the edge over wild, is its consistency. A buyer can order 100 venison haunches from farmed deer, and every one will be identical in quality.

    Wild or farmed?? ....... Which is best??


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services)

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    IMO, quality, reliable supply chain and cost.

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    It is just a shame that there is money being spent and people making an effort to promote wild venison but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have taken off with the countries biggest retailer.

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    Th larger retailers want consistency of supply, and the higher-end retailers (Waitrose, M&S Etc.) want both consistency AND quality. In my opinion VERY FEW wild venison processors can deliver that. That's why UK farmed venison is sought by many Waitrose and M&S stores.

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    Got to agree with Jelendeer.

    I've seen how some Scottish wild venison is harvested and presented, and TBH it was disgusting.

    This was on a "best practice" event, held in a Royal location, and it was an embarrassment to see the trainers having to cut away gross contamination before trying making the best of the poor carcasses during the butchery class.

    We even went hungry at lunch because the caterers had to discard the majority of the meat provided, before making the venison chilli.

    I could go on, I later saw some disgraceful practices on a large Scottish island. Deer shot in dubious circumstances (at night, by lamp, on quad bikes) then left to be collected next day, dragged down by the quads, and only then gralloched. I was camped in a forestry clearing and witnessed it all.

    Maybe prejudiced because an ex GF comes from a family of NZ deer farmers, and I know how well they do things.

    Park culls, and/or the stuff I shoot myself is what fills my freezer. If I had to buy it retail, NZ farmed deer would be my first choice. If I knew of an outlet for English farmed deer, likewise. Not interested in Scottish wild venison, I know too much about it.

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