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Thread: Importing ammunition from France or another EU country

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    Importing ammunition from France or another EU country

    Hello everyone.

    I noticed in a French hunting magazine an advert for a Parisian gunshop that sold ammunition for a lot cheaper than it is sold in the UK. Well, London at any rate. I travel to France with some regularity, and wondered whether, conditions of carriage permitting, it was possible for me to buy ammunition there and bring it nack to the UK. I have an EFP: would that he enough, combined with my FAC? Come to think of it, how does a visitor without a French Permis de Chasser buy ammunition? Anyone here done this before?

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    I've purchased ammunition in France using only my EFP in the past. I last did it about two years ago and I don't know if anything has changed.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    When I have bought ammo in Decathlon store's all I have had to do was find the person who had the ammo cabinet key and show him my Euro firearms pass help my self and Just go to the checkout with my ammo and pay .

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    so what are we talking about price wise in france?

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    €40 a box for the really posh stuff, otherwise €20, on the advert I saw. Or in other words, three times less than I paid at the Beretta Gallery yesterday. And this is a Central Paris shop, not a run-of-the-moulin provincial one.

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    Anyone may buy rifle ammo in Austria without showing any paperwork also, just to add to the info base.

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    The amount I was charged at my local shop the other day I would have been cheaper driving to france LOL.

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