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Thread: Replacement stocks for Beretta 686e?

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    Replacement stocks for Beretta 686e?

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement stock for the above, I have a three quarter inch crack in the pistol grip and so am no longer happy to use it.

    I've asked GMK and they can provide one for 450 inc vat but i wondered if there was anywhere else that may have them? (yes i appreciate GMK are the main importers...).

    Any knowledge appreciated.



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    well you'd want the wood to match, so you'll be wanting the front end too IMHO.

    otherwise have one made by a stocker or someone who can have one cut with CNC - even contact a wood CNC (google) shop and send them the piece to scan and cut from a block of walnut you can buy yourself from just about anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by novice View Post
    They often come up on eBay.


    that's rather rude! he's just asking a question! LOL (only joking)...

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    Try Chris Potter Guns, usually has second hand ones in stock.


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    Cheers guys

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    Might be worth a call to Frank Wyman, he's a gunsmith in the Englefield estate yard and someone shares his workshop specialising in wood work on guns - does some lovely work but i've no idea on cost, i'm sure if you found a stock and didn't want to fit it yourself he'd also be the person to call - 01189 302 704, be prepared that he is a bit old school and isn't the easiest person to talk to on the phone!


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    Try Garlands in Staffs. Often have a good selection of bits and pieces for Berettas etc

    Or look at this site:

    Gunstock Blanks

    Just come across this site:

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    there is a bloke in sporting gun or shooting times based in Norfolk that advertises stocks and fore ends, i had one to replace on my 687, think i paid 175 for both, will have a check and see if i can find number

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