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Thread: Re-Barreling Advice

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    Re-Barreling Advice

    Looking to re barrel my Sako 75 in .243

    Quite simply, I donít know much about all of this and would appreciate some input from those that have had a new barrel as to what they recommend and who they recommend to do undertake the work.

    I have been looking into Krieger, Pac-Nor, Lothar Walther and Archer barrels. I am sure there are many more manufacturers out there and I am happy to take a recommendation from the professional. It doesnít matter to me what name is on the side of the barrel as long as it shoots well and it not a burden to carry.

    What I do know is that I want to keep it as a hill stalking rifle. I therefore do not want a barrel which is too heavy or too long but want it to be capable of tight groups for those longer head and neck shots on the hill. And of course Foxing.

    I would like it Stainless, Fluted and Bead Blasted so itís not all shiny and doesnít scratch so easily.

    Advice welcome!

    Many thanks,


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    What about a Sako rebarrel?

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    Lots of good gunsmiths out there. I would ring round some and tell them your needs.
    get some prices and go from there.

    Here is a list of some well known gunsmiths
    Mckillop rifles
    Norman Clark Gunsmiths
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    go to neil mc killop keeps pac nor in stock and not to far from you brill service and you will be over the moon with the end product i was i had a pac-nor ss in 1-8 twist on my 243 bead blasted screwcut with a thread protector.

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    Any decent rifle smith will be able to advise you.

    There really isn't any discernible difference in quality between the major barrel manufacturers, any of the ones you've mentioned will do just fine.

    If you want a rifle to carry all day, I suggest opting for an Archer S3 contour, which is a direct replacement for the standard Sako profile.

    Accuracy will not be an issue and unless you intend to go for a heavier barrel (which reading from your post you won't), than something of this profile, I suggest that fluting isn't worth the cost unless you really really want it...

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    As Above

    Contact Neil McKillop in basingstoke,

    he builds rifles that shoot like you want too.

    he built me a cracking rifle with a medium barrel both in weight and in length, so that i got the performance that i wanted from the ammo and the weight i needed to be able to carry it around,

    he will be busy if you call him just leave him a no nonsense message and ask him to call you back when he has time,

    all the best

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    Be prepared for a shock as regards price. I recently enquired regardig re barreling a Tikka 595 and was quoted from a minimum of £650 up to £1200 for a basic no frills job. The cheapest was by Tikka via GMK but they said that this was the very least that would be charged and it could be more. They also said that it would take 6 months through the factory and that is if they had a suitable barrel in stock. It made more sence to sell the rifle as a donar action and buy another rifle for about the same money.
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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions, much appreciated.

    I have contacted most of the smiths that have been mentioned above for quotes.
    I have received replies in a very timely manner with prices ranging from £700 to £1200 for the work.

    It seems Krieger and Shilen barrels are the most popular…but not exclusively.

    I would be enormously grateful if someone could PM me Neil McKillop’s contact details.

    Many thanks


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    As has been said Neil McKillop would be the way forward for me, he doesn't have a website that I know of but his details are here:

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    Thanks Anthony.

    I have had a chat with a couple of Smiths today and the inevitable dilemma has risen….

    To Ackley or Not to Ackley?

    Faster, flatter shooting round
    Can shoot 90 to 115 grain heads for longer shots – Less effected by wind…?
    If going to the effort and expense of a new barrel, why not go all out and get something different, exciting and which you can’t buy off the shelf.

    Increased barrel wear compared to .243 = shorter barrel life
    New set of dies required
    Longer barrel required to make the most of having AI = more weight & more cumbersome to carry stalking.

    Very keen to hear peoples thoughts. Thanks in advance, this is really helpful.



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