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Thread: iPad users

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    iPad users

    I am not good on computer things,can I take a photo with the iPad and post it on sd

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    Yes, when in quick replying click the square box 3 rd from the right (the box with a wee tree in it) and it gives you the options.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I tried and It will not work, so use photoshop app

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    Safari doesn't seem to like the file upload dialogue (good old safari )

    As a work around click Go Advanced to get the full editor then Manage Attachments which is below where you type your text.

    Click Add Files button top right, choose file then click Upload

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    Scrap that... It will work the way suggested above by tjwaines it just seems the upload window isn't rendered correctly in Safari

    In Quick Reply click the little tree photo icon, click From Computer, click Choose File, then click the text "Upload File(s)" underneath.

    its not obvious this is a link, that's the problem, but it should work!
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    Thanks chaps I will give it a bash

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