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Thread: Airgun for small girl

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    Airgun for small girl

    I'm looking to get my youngest daughter an airgun for Christmas - she's really keen to take up rifle shooting, and I'd like to encourage her.
    Trouble is she's so small. 10 years old, but really tiny for her age.
    I had a look at some dinky SMK ones at Home — Sportsmarketing which look ok for getting a little kid started (less than 100cm overall length), but they're all break barrel jobbies. I'd rather get her a PCP if poss, but no way I can afford one new.

    Just wondering on the off-chance if anyone on here has got one that their own nippers have grown out of, that they'd consider parting with?

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    what is your budget?
    try the falcon owners forum,
    you may be surprised what a PCP can be had for

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    Cheers mate, I'll have a look.
    To be honest my budget is pretty small, hence the reason I was looking at the SMK rifles.
    I thought if I could afford the rifle I'd get Granny to buy the scope.

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    Did a lot of research into this myself mate. You should look for an Air Arms S200 or T200. They are small and ideal! The T version has an adjustable stock too which you can adjust as she grows. You should get a good one for 200-250.

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    Have you looked at the crossman ones with the gas cylinders? They do a single shot bold action, and from memory it was quite small and light......just a thought

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    started my son with a crossman ratcatcher, very small,compact and light, also not very expensive.
    i still use it today to shoot feral pigeons in barns.

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    Think I may have an old BSA .177 break barrel at my parents house, can't remember what sort of nick it's in but if my dad hasn't got rid of it, it's yours for nothing! It was my first air rifle and could easily be operated by a small 10 year old. Will see if it's there tomorrow! No sweat if its not suitable / too old for your needs but the offers there if you want it!


    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Hi VSS,
    i was about 10 years old when i started shooting my first air rifle which was an asi rangemaster which i still have today. My boys started out using it at a similar age and the 14yr old is about to take the leap to my, 25+ year old, HW80 , if he eats his weetabix!
    IMHO it's best to start them out on a springer as i believe( personal opinion only ) that it will make them a more accurate shooter in the long run. I nearly purchased an SMK jnr for my youngest, but he managed just fine with the dodgy old asi , even with the barrel droop. For the money tho , the SMK looked unbeatable value.
    Whichever way you decide to go, it's great to see the younguns interested, as it's the future of our sport.

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    Thanks for the replies chaps.

    Monkey Spanker - yep, they do look good, but unaffordable. It wouldn't be good politics to blow the whole Christmas budget on one child when I've got 3 to provide for!
    Tom - that'd be possibility if it's still there and in useable condition. Thanks ever so.
    Fatty - interested to hear that you reckon a springer is best for starters. I just thought it would be difficult for her to cock the barrel 'cos she's so small. The SMK does look like good value, but glad to hear that someone else thinks so too!

    Hope I can find something suitable because she seems pretty committed. She's kept this up for about a year and a half now, which is pretty good going for a 10 year old. I've been letting her shoot an old Air rifle I had as a kid but it's massive - she has to tuck it under her arm to reach the trigger, and it's far too heavy. And the scope kept dropping off 'til I put a big jubilee around the whole thing!

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    Hi mate i started my boy on a crossmans rabit stopper very good gun. its small and light.

    Thanks john

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