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Thread: Importing dogs

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    Importing dogs

    Anyone had any experience with importing dogs from west Europe. How easy/hard it is and is a lot easier from country's that are classed as rabies free such as Sweden.
    Any info would be gratefull.

    Cheers. Matt.

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    Is it a pup or adult dog you are thinking of importing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksb View Post
    Is it a pup or adult dog you are thinking of importing?
    It would be a pup.

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    friend of mine just imported a pup from eastern europe no problems, it needs a bit of paperwork and jabs etc, then a vet certificate just before it arrives,

    they drove and collected so that may have helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6.5/284matt View Post
    It would be a pup.
    Brought 6 dogs back from Norway, easy, PM me if needs

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    the process as far as i know involves a pet passport now as opposed to quarantine, this is big step forward if considering pups as the critical period that the pup should be bonding would have been spent in the quarantine kennels. The pup needs to receive a rabbies shot from the vet and then it is reassessed after a period of a few weeks. the breeder will need to help you with the passport for the pup which shouldnt be a problem. this link explains the scheme,Pet Passports

    i have looked at bringing dogs into ireland in the past but the costs and risks associated with quarantine put me off. I know of decent dogs being stole out of the quarantine in dublin. it shouldn't be a problem getting the pup flew over although i havent transported dogs by plane in a good few years. i am not condoning for one minute but a lot of dogs are brought into the uk via ferries with no paper work and a low risk of being stopped

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