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Thread: Dream hunt second attempt

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    Dream hunt second attempt

    Hi All

    As some of you know It was one of my dreams to hunt for Mouflon and due to the kindness of my friend Michael I had a great trip back in September but we were very unlucky not to connect with a ram.

    Any way last Thursday I found myself at the airport again going back for a second attempt, my friend Phil was with me as Andy was to scared to ask his wife about another trip so soon I must say that I wasn't too popular at home either but hey thats nothing new .

    We were met at the airport by Michael in the evening and travelled to his hunting area.

    Next morning we dropped Phil off at a seat in the forest and headed to the tower by the railway line where we spent so much time and had so much bad luck last time.
    We sat in the tower for about an hour and let it get light around us and then out they came a group of Mouflon about 12-15 including two mature rams, a young ram, females and young. I thought Michael was going to wet himself he got that excited I kept as calm as I could not wanting to get too carried away after the last second bad luck in September. The one ram was a nice black colour and bigger than the second so he was to be our target.
    We watched them feed at about 170 metres and eventually the came slowly down the field getting closer and closer at about 140 metres I told Michael I would take him as soon as he turned broadside, I had to wait for a minute or two which felt like forever every time the ram was broadside a lamb would be stood behind him eventually I had my chance at about 113 metres he was slightly angled and we were above so I put the bullet down through the shoulder and exited low at the back of the ribs on the other side. The ram stumbled at the shot but then took of for the trees and made about 150 metres before falling in some rough cover just short of the tree line. Wow the way he ran with that shoulder shot was incredible I was stating to question my shot and was very relieved to see him fall.
    Then the adrenaline kicked in and I dont mind admitting to hugging a German man in a little box in the woods

    I don't know if this was the ram we saw last time but he was also dark so I hope he was. He was certainly bigger than any of the one that had turned up on the trail cams so a bonus. Two very happy hunters

    The Mouflon field from the hide and from the other side of the valley

    Phil had seen a group of three Mouflon rams under his seat but unfortuneatly they were not on the menu for him.

    That night I sat on my own on a feed plot in the forest with a chance at various species I bumped some Fallow when I got there and then had some guys singing and picking tree branches for Xmas decorations they left after a few minutes and I sat until dark but no good.

    Phil and Michael had no luck Phil turning down the chance on Roe to wait for a Red or Boar which didnt show.

    We were supposed to be heading back out to sit under the moon later for the boar but decided to celebrate the ram instead with various forms of alcohol

    Next morning we dropped Phil off again in another seat and headed off to a beautiful marshy area between the forest blocks.
    I forgot my camera so no photos. We spotted a red hind and calf on the tree line the other side at about 180 metres but I just got on the calf as in went back into the trees to shelter form the now quite heavy snow.

    Phil was unlucky seeing a red hind but not getting a shot.

    We then headed off to the shooting cinema for a bit of fun and what on previous trips I found natural and easy suddleny become difficult I tried blaming the equipent but eventually decided it must have been the huge quantity of booze the night before

    That night I was back after the Fallow I had bumped the night before and Phil and Michael were out again together.
    After half an hour or so I had a Roe doe with two doe fawn appear onto the plot and I took the first fawn but the other was in the trees before I had a chance. No photo again on this one sorry.

    Phil and Michael had some luck at last and Phil shot a Red calf on a very snowy feeding plot.

    After dragging my Roe back to the road and meeting Michael and Phil we came across a boar which had been clipped by a car so I dispatched it.

    Sunday morning we had a lie in as we had to take the ram to the taxidermists which was an hour or so away and we had sat drinking until 2 o clock in the morning

    We visited the fantastic studio of Michael Sonntag and he caped of my ram for me.

    We sat a few more times and there was another three Roe and a boar shot between us all.

    We could have shot a lot more but we lazily elected to drink and eat in the evenings instead of going back out at 9.00pm when the moon came up but I'd got my Ram and so didn't really care

    The bag with a day to go

    The last morning I shot a brace of Roe on a feeding plot

    The final bag

    A view with the forest we hunted in the far distance

    so a fantastic trip and one of my lifetime dreams completed Thanks Michael for another fantastic trip see you on May my friend.


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    Bloody hell, he looks even bigger than the picture you sent me.

    What a fantastic trophy mate.

    A big congratulations all round mate.

    Well done all involved.

    No pressure for May then mate

    Catch up in a bit


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    Fantastic write up and well done again on the Ram. I did get a pic from Michael shortly after you shot it and it looked fantastic, but a great write up for a truly rewarding hunt. Michael was so disappointed when I was out there that you hadn't got to shoot one and he was getting so excited about the pics coming up on the trailcams! His hard work is incredible to get people some animals in the bag so I am pleased for him! Seeing those pictures of the feeding plots and larder brought back some memories from the other month. Well done again, be good to see the photos when its finished!


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    Excellent, the dream finally fulfilled


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    great pic/ write up welldone

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    Thanks my friends!
    Yes, it was a very memoriable hunt, and also something very special for me...!
    We tried hard for the mufflon and its hard to get one, especially a nice one as this.
    As some of you already may know, I really try my very best to get my "swappies" something and this time: IT WORKED OUT JUST PERFECT!

    Waidmannsheil again, Wayne!!

    To be honest: Absolutely no pressure on you in May, after all the great hunts I already joined on your grounds...!

    So, we will be "back in red"... Maybe another nice write up soon...?


    Michael, the happy camper
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Here is a nice picture of the marshy area we sat in:
    Attachment 22131
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Very nice, out of interest how old was the ram?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shotguntom View Post
    Very nice, out of interest how old was the ram?
    5 years, it should be somewhere between Bronze and Silver, but no matter, it was a lot of fun and joy, sharing the hunt!!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    some fantastic scenery there boys well done wayne on fullfilling your ambition
    regards pete .

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