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Thread: Flooding on the somerset levels

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    Flooding on the somerset levels

    Its been nearly a week since the torrential rain in the Southwest and you would have thought that the water level would decrease. This morning coming down on the train I looked out in disbelief in that the water is now only about 1' from the ballast/rails that the trains running on.

    The level appears to be rising and in one area for about 400yds there is just the double track running through what looks like a sea. It really quite serious and I will not be suprised if the main line gets shut.

    The water depth has to be in the order of 10' + in places, just the tops of hedgerow hawthorns dotted about. There are lines of big bales which are snagged on the top strands of barbed wire fences looking like lines of mooring bouys. The place is alive with ducks, geese and swans.

    In places where I regularly saw deer there is nothing but water for as far as you can see. The devestation to small mamals and insects will be unmeasurable.

    I will post some pics if i can get some.


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    The EA are predicting a month to drain the levels, even with the additional pumping stations

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    Yes it's awful in places, I've been pretty shocked at what I've seen looking out over the levels on my twice-a-week drive down to college in Cannington. At least the ducks geese etc. are enjoying it!

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    Horrible isn't it, I was down in Street last friday, couldn't believe how much is under water.
    That said I bet the the duck flighting is superb.


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