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Thread: 20 bore over and under Shotgun

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    20 bore over and under Shotgun

    WANTED 20 bore over and under Shotgun for a friends sons Xmas, needs to be under a grand and in decent condition. If anyone has one that they might part with let me know by PM


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    You can get a nice new Lincoln premier or Webley for about 800 mate. Both nice little guns. Yildiz and pointer are Turkish makes and a bit cheaper but good value. I believe Yildiz do a junior version if he is still quite small? You should get a nice gun for that money!

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    Cheers, have looked at these but would maybe rather have a nice second hand one that will have a residula value than one of these which will not. Dont think he will use it for long .

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    Keep an eye out for a sh Miroku

    Miroku 20 gauge MK 60 Grade 1 Over and Under Second Hand for sale. Buy for 749.

    I've one, nice wee gun and there will always be a market for this type and model of gun.

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