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Thread: A Tec CTM-4 V Maxim

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    A Tec CTM-4 V Maxim

    Any one any experience of the CTM 4 Mod? I am wondering if it might suit me better than the Maxim that I have because it is slightly narrower as is the CMM4, and might not interfere as much with the sight picture throught the scope. I prefer the reflex style over the muzzle mounted design hence the CTM rather than the CMM. Thanks

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    What calibre are you planning on using the mod on BWH ? I ask because I've found that with big calls 30/06,270 and certainly all of the magnum calibres theres no substitute for either large diameter reflex types or the longer muzzle mounted cans.Having said that I've been impressed with a calibre specific Hardy Gen 4 mod that although isn't the quietest is probably one of the best all round compromise mods I've tried (but make sure its calibre specific)
    Another point is that I don't think Jacksons are importing the CTM into the country unless its by request

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    I have one on my 243 - 270 - 308 very pleased with them no weight and does what i want it to !
    I truly cant understand people putting great big bulky heavy mods on a stalking rifle A Tec cmm4 all the time for me

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    It is for a .25-06. I have finally got all the components together for this rife, the last part of which was the Scope. It was only on mounting it that I found the issue with the moderator interfering with the image. It is not the end of the world, but I would prefer to minimise it if I can. I would also quite like to reduce the weight of the mod. The Maxim seems good in general, but I could get away without the steel inserts I think. I dont suppose it would be an issue for Jackson Rifles to bring in a model that they dont stock routinely. Thanks for the input.

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    I have CMM's on my 22-250 and .270, the 22-250 is a dream to shoot, noise supression is fantastic.

    The one on my .270 is again cracking, you still get a recoil from it that certinally causes me to lose sight picture. I wouldn't change either though unless someone showed me a lighter moderator that was as good and cost the same.

    When I need to replace either it will be with the same.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Do you find that the CMM is a problem with lamping and light reflecting? Or with the mod in the sight picture?

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    No doesn't affect your view through the scope and not noticed it when lamping

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    I run a CMM4 on my .270 and have found it excellent - due to its minimal weight, I take freehand shots quite confidently now, whereas the previous mod' made the rifle impossible to shoot off hand. I had a few worries about gas cutting on the first and second baffles, as a mate had problems with his on the same calibre, but having just dismantled it for a look, it's still in really good nick despite having had at least 400 rounds through it. It isn't as quiet as the big can I had before but the difference is negligible and recoil reduction is just as efficient.


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    Thanks all. The main reason for changing is the issue with the Maxim affecting the sight picture and although I havent tried it yet I am sure it will be a problem with the lamp. The CMM 4 is a little less diameter so I am hoping this will be enough to stop interference with the low mounted scope picture.

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    To get rid of light flash back from the moderator (or front sight if fitted to rifle) you could mount the lamp under the rifle. Not easy to do but it certainly gets rid of the problem. This lamp position also stops the flare back from mist / humidity in the air from the beam of light because you're not looking through the beam like you do if the light is top mounted.
    My old bunny rifle had a front sight ramp that flashed back in the light - I stuck a bit of wooly velcro on it & that helped. You could experiment with something dull & non reflective stuck to the back of the mod.
    Also a higher scope mount & stock comb is possibly another way round your problems.


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