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Thread: Estonian Boar Hunt.

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    Estonian Boar Hunt.

    Dates: 1st February to 4th February 2013
    Location: Estonia
    Outfitter: Athina Sporting. Athina Hunting Tours Homepage

    Accommodation: Single and shared rooms in traditional hunting lodges
    This is a four-day hunt for 6-10 hunters for wild boar over a 10,000 hectare open forest area in Estonia.
    We will be teaming up with local guides and dog handlers to hunt wild boar on foot during the day and from high towers at night. The boar population is currently very high, so there is a chance of some excellent sport.
    During the day, we will use dogs to track and flush the boar, with some of the hunting team positioned to shoot them on the run and some to close in for a close shot if the dogs are holding the boar in the cover. This form of hunting is very exciting, with a lot of movement, close encounters with wild boar and the need for rapid shots – if you want to follow the dog handlers in the woods, then you’ll need to be fairly fit. In the evenings and early mornings, we will sit out in the large number of high towers to look for boar at feeding areas and on tracks and forest clearings.
    Day 1: Arrive at Tallinn Airport and transfer 55km to the hunting lodge and grounds. That evening (Time allowing) we will use the towers to look for and shoot boar.
    Day 2: We will hunt boar over dogs during the day and use the tower stands in the evening. There will be a chance to indulge in the Estonian / Finnish obsession for sauna (bitter experience tells me this is also likely to involve extreme heat, much vodka and a certain amount of snow rolling or lake plunging!)
    Day 3: We will hunt boar over dogs during the day and use the tower stands in the evening. There will probably be a repeat of the sauna experience for the more hardy amongst us.
    Day 4: In the morning, flight times allowing, we will use the high stands. Following that, we will depart for the airport.
    Following European Union accession, taking rifles to Estonia is very straightforward for hunters travelling from the UK or other EU states, needing only the European Firearms Passport. For hunters travelling from outside the EU, organising permits takes 4-6 weeks and a small government fee usually applies. For hunters not wishing to travel with firearms, we can arrange for suitable rifles and ammunition to be available locally at a rate of 30 per day.
    We can advise you on suitable clothing and kit, as well as rifles and scopes – it is likely to be very, very cold in late January and you need to be prepared for shooting both running large game and at night.

    The price includes:

    • Two full and two half hunting days
    • Three meals in a day (alcohol is not included)
    • Full-board hunting accommodation
    • Hunting guides
    • Transport during the hunting
    • Estonian hunting licence
    • 2 wild boar included per hunter
    • Sauna (!)

    The price does not include:

    • Plane tickets or transport to Estonia
    • Taxidermy and delivery of trophies
    • Trophy fees for additional wild boar:

    (Additional price is in Euros by weight )
    Up to 39.9kg - 75
    40 to 49.9kg - 175
    50 to 69.9kg - 290
    70kg + - 400

    Please contact us at or

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    Hi All,

    Just to point out that dates moved and amended in the above post. It seems the flight schedules have changed so we needed to make the trip a Friday to Monday jaunt.

    There are currently enough guns on board so we will be going forward with this. Let us know if you would like to join.


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    Six places have now been filled on this hunt, leaving two spare places - let me know if you are interested.

    The snow and cold weather has set in properly over there now and the game cameras are showing a lot of boar in the area, including plenty of good keilers. Apparently there are also more lynx around than normal.


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