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Thread: Dubai

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    I'm gonna be flying thru Dubai in early and late February in transit from the USA to the Philippines and back .

    Based on the current state of affairs in the world , whats it like in the Dubai airport ?

    I'll not be there more then 3 hours either way provided there are no delays .

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    Very nice airport, very plush departures lounge, you've no worries with Dubai and 'current world affairs'!
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    I stop regular a dubai airport mate I've always found it to be one of the best,And if your flying emirates its even better.


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    Its one of the few places I know where men have to queue for the toilets! If you arrive in the morning then it is (literally) a pain in the ar*e getting to the loo. I shall be glad when the new Terminal opens, the existing one is far too congested. I shall be there in January and usually pass through several times a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate hunter View Post
    I stop regular a dubai airport mate I've always found it to be one of the best,And if your flying emirates its even better.

    I am flying Emirates all way from Dullus to Manila and back . Economy however

    To be honest thats the reason I went this route instead of using Korean Air thru Seoul or Delta thru Tokyo . The flight using Emirates was almost $200 less then using Korean Air or Delta .

    Last trip i used Delta and ended up spending the night in DETROIT (YUCK YUCK YUCK) and then 26 hours in Tokyo because of plane problems . I will say Delta put me in a rather nice Radisson in Narita due to the unscheduled and long layover !

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    I thought it was a good airport but not enough staff in the immigration booths,the queues were horrendous and it took me two ferkin hours to get through...lazy slow attitude exhibited by some of the staff at times too.
    Though you would expect that with having to deal with FIFTY MILLION passenger movements per year though.

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    Very plush airport,and you can get a smoke in the Irish bar lol,but its expensive !

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    I live in Kuwait and am there regularly. Like others say its a good airport (I see lots of airports) and there are really no big hassles - the lines at immigration can sometimes be long but they go through quickly - if you are in transit this should not be an issue. It is sometimes quite crowded but it works very well and is easy to navigate round - just one big long line of terminals.

    As you are Emirates in and out you should be in Terminal 3 which is very good.

    Be through there in May on my way to Namibia ............. roll on..........

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    As everyone else has said the airports fine you'll find it easy to transit through. I've worked in Dubai and with guys from the states and they got "danger money!?" The only danger there is spending all your money on beer!

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    Very expensive food!

    Fu**ing hate the place - frequently have to spend 7-8 hours stop overs there when taking cheap flights to South Africa. Boring, uncomfortable and expensive. But not noticeably worse than, say, Newark.

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