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Thread: What Food?

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    What Food?

    Interested in peoples opinions in what to switch my 1 yr old GSP bitch to from BETA puppy? She is on the go running around the garden all the time and she only just keeps a healthy weight with the recommended amounts.

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    BETA adult. Or any quality dried food (I'm not going to be drawn into the raw food debate)
    However, it look like you think she is underweight (which I'm guessing at from your "only just keeps a healthy weight" comment) and want a diet to get her to be the "proper" weight.
    If she is behaving normally, looks healthy, no diarrhoea and runs around like a demented GSP can - ie a normal puppy, then I wouldn't worry about her weight. She's so energetic, she'll burn off any food you give her. SHe's better being a skinny athlete than a lardy slouch!
    This is a really common question that vets get asked by owners of new dogs. Skinny is normal

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    Thanks for the advice, looks like I'll stick with beta and she is very healthy just sometimes I think I can see a few too many ribs.

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    I've stuck with eukanebra it's a little on the pricey side but its been great, good coat on the dog extremely healthy I really would recommend it if the budget allows it

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    I'm using sneyds wonder dog at the moment my very lively gwp is on it. holding good weight great coat.
    and at 13 a bag cant complain.
    atb matt

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    Had my 7 month old GSP on Chudleys, first Puppy and now Junior, looks really good on it.

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    That's good - I like to see ribs on a young active dog! I often tell folk with pups that if their mates are saying the dog looks too skinny, it's about right.

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    Had our GSP on BETA puppy, she was like tigger...

    HAd her on Skinners Duck and Rice for last 4 years, mainly because the missus lab has allergies, and it is hypoallergenic.

    Its not bad price wise, about 20-22 a sack, and she is doing very well on it.

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