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Thread: Diamond knife sharpner

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    Diamond knife sharpner

    As title, looking for a xmas present. Any ideas, links please not too many 's

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    i use one of these for my butchery knives and also for my backup knife for my main knife i use a stone but this little sharpener is quite good,atb wayne
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    I got off the evil bay a diamond steel and its amazing puts a lovely edge on them

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    Well depands on what your budget is..., we now stock the DMT Deluxe Aligner kit, these delivery a surgical edge at a controlled angle due to the guide system, I purchased one of these nearly 20yrs ago now and would not using anything else..


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    If you want a small one for the pocket I have a Fallkniven DC4 and find it works very well. Just be aware that it is very small indeed though I find it ideal for carrying and have no problem using it to sharpen my F1. It has a very fine side that is some sort of saphire ceramic stuff and a rougher side which is diamond.

    The DC3 is smaller and only has the diamond side and is designed to be glued onto the sheath of the F1 knife.

    They also do a bigger version of the same thing, I haven't seen one of these but looking at the dimensions it is still lots smaller than a traditional stone. Looks handy though.
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    DC4 Works really well

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    anything DMT if you dont want to spring for a full aligner kit just get a 4" single sided in red as a good allround diamond stone

    this will fit the aligner if you get one and you can add in other grades if you want alter ie a green

    Ive been using DMT for 20 plus years wouldn't use any thing else

    HAda couple of DC4's the diamond came of the stone etc

    I dont use my DMT stuff much any more but only cos Ive got this and a big polisher

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