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Thread: finally a piece of ground

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    finally a piece of ground

    i've finally got my very own peice of ground that i can call my own....well the stalking anyway. ive spent the last couple of years scraping around on little peices of land stalking and being let to shoot the odd roe by gamekeepers who i shot foxes for but ive now finally bought the rights on a small farm near me. i kind of had the rights on it already but nothing was offical but now i have finaly greased his palm and a contract has been writen up. i know a lot of people may find it strange that i pay for somthing that i allready had but now i can final call it my own a know that no one else can go down there it puts my mind at rest

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    Nice one mate.
    Glad to see all the time and effort has payed off.

    Happy hunting


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    S L A nothing wrong with that mate least you know its
    yours .
    too many thieveing so and so s trying to take it otherwise
    regards pete .

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    this is the main reason i did it rodenator as i just cant keep up in the money stakes with the big boys around where i live, and i know a lot of other stalkers have the same problems to its really sad

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    S L A your right it is sad and only going to get worse
    all mine is free apart from about a 1000 acres that i pay for
    but even the free bits i keep the foxs down help with silageing etc
    THOUGHT why should it be free you dont walk into a
    supermarket and get a trolley full of shopping and walk out with
    out paying
    people with free stalking dont take it for granted think ourselfs
    very lucky
    S L A enjoy your new lease regards pete .

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