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Thread: Two wide bridle leather belts

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    Two wide bridle leather belts

    I have for you two more belts. Made from 5mm thick bridle leather, edges burnished and creased with solid brass buckles and hand stitched keepers with waxed nylon thread. The single prong has four oversized rivets and the Sam Browne six.

    These are serious belts and unlikely to fit your jeans.

    One is a standard, single prong 2 inch belt, which will suit a belt 36 - 48 35

    The other is a Sam Browne with extra floating keeper and would fit 33 - 42 waist 40

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    do you have any more of these belts in stock?

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    I will take the Sam Browne if its still available?
    Thanks Mick

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEMESIS View Post
    I will take the Sam Browne if its still available?
    Thanks Mick

    This was originally posted in 2012.........
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    yes I you still have any available?

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    Sam Browne buckles are no longer available. I've tried all the suppliers, trawled the internet and not found anything.

    Best I can do is the single prong. There will be some at Newark. The prices have risen over two years though.
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    If I send you a buckle can you make me one of your belts?
    Please pm me

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    Right, I'm not a paid up member and am not marketing.

    Newark will be my last gasp for a while. I may have to bow out of Kelso next year but I will certainly not be taking any orders now until May next year or so. If I miss Kelso I will be at subsequent fairs.

    Sorry all. Life gets in the way.

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