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Thread: Best scope mounts for a tikka m595 7mm08 with a swaro z6i 56mm

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    Best scope mounts for a tikka m595 7mm08 with a swaro z6i 56mm

    Guys im after some info/help, what are the best mounts to have for my tikka m595 7mm 08 mounting a 30mm swarovski z6i 56mm objective lens? I dont want budget stuff looking for recomendations on top end stuff! my rifle is blued and wood stock!
    Thanks Will

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    I would go Optilocks first and Warne QD as first option. Assuming you are going straight to the rail and not onto a Picatinny?
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    Have the exact same rifle as you in .308 , optilocks

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    I would recommend optilocks to anybody,I wouldn't use anything else on tikkas or SakosSakos

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    One piece optilocks. They are not seen that often but I much prefer them to the two piece offerings.
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    Just found a linky to the rings

    SAKO OPTILOCK Ring mounts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acm View Post
    Have the exact same rifle as you in .308 , optilocks

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    The one piece Optiloks are excellent if you can get away with them but they won't accommodate a 56mm obj.

    The two piece Optiloks using low rings will work.

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    ifyou get the optilocs make sure they are the new ones with torx screw heads.

    if it was me i would fit some burris two piece bases. and some tps rings

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    Thanks for the replies guys, its for my rebarrelled m595. I want to mount directly to the dove tail to kee it as low as possible! I do want the blued engraved optilocks who is best to buy from?

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