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Thread: Fox rifle

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    Fox rifle

    Want a fox rifle. Have a 308 at the moment. Looking at 223, 22-250 or 243.
    another option is 110 gr 308 rounds and save my money.

    all help welcome


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    If you want a rifle just for foxing the 223 and 22.250 are great options Ive used both and owned a 22.250 which was excellent. But since moving to the .204 I havent looked back..Fantastic, flat, accurate round that packs a hell of a punch.

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    Save your money !
    Any bullet that will kill your Deer will also flatten your Foxes.
    I have often shot Foxes even with a 7mm Rem.Mag.
    In the past which-ever rifle that was in my hand was used if the opportunity presented itself.


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    243 or 22 250 if it is only fox then 22 250 gives a nice flat shot

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    i have a 223 for fox and cant fault it

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    What about noise? Is 223 quieter than 243 and 22-250.

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    .223 is a great foxing tool, quieter & cheaper to run than a .243
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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    I,ve used a 223 for coyotes ( and a couple of foxes )for years, its always worked well for me.It does have the advantage of cheaper bulk ammo, though I'm not sure if that applies in the UK.Any of the above mentioned calibers work well. I have no experience with the 204 but have several friends that use them and they all love them. I did use a 25-06 for a number of years, it was a bit of overkill (we sold the pelts back then) and sometimes it got messy. The main reason I used it was it was a lot better in the wind, a big factor in the prairies, the wind only stops to change direction lol. Your shooting conditions should dictate your choice, if you intend to really reach out there, velocity and flat trajectory help alot.

    Bye the way, never turn down a reason to buy a new rifle lol AB

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    I agree with stag 1933, I have shot more foxes whilst stalking than at any other time. Every one that I point my deer rifle at seems to drop like a popped balloon! If you could get the 110 grain bullets to shoot ok in the 308 they would certainly do the job

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    110's worked well in my .308, shot fairly flat aswell. Think anything over 75gn is a bit heavy to be chucking around in the dark, just feel they might stay together a bit longer and bounce a bit further. Im having a foxing rifle built at the moment- its in .243 and was chosen to be deer legal incase i want to shoot deer with it. I have deer rifles too but i dont see any point in having a rifle which limits your ability to shoot legal quarry. Had .223 and 22-250 but always found .243 better if using 70gn ballistic tips.

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