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Thread: swarovski 7 x 42 slc

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    swarovski 7 x 42 slc

    for sale swaro binos
    very good condition wil come in original case and box
    price 500 pounds

    p m if interested pete .

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    Dont tell us you won new bino's as well you lucky happy chappie



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    max good to hear from you mate
    no just going to upgrade to a pair of leica or zeiss
    bino rangefinders been told the zeiss have the edge though
    any advice recomendation welcome
    max we be phoneing you shortly seen a few good uns
    just watching to pick the best one for you
    regards pete .

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    i recomend leica , i got a pair from
    the last of the old ultravids , all the new ones are HD

    got my 10x50 ultravids for 900 quid !

    cheers lee

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    I have the zeiss rf's in 10x45 and love them.

    Will never need another pair of binos in my life! Definately reccomend them!

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    thanks for the info guys keep it coming
    im waiting for the zeiss to come into the sportsman this week
    to compare the two a couple of guys had the lecias at the long
    range weekend recently and i really liked them
    but a couple of people have said the zeiss have the edge
    at the moment thanks regards pete .

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    binos now sold thanks for the interest
    regards pete .

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