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Thread: Cold water tail ????

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    Cold water tail ????

    Does anyone have any info on what I think is calf cold water tail? My lab had it and know body seams to know to mush about it, at first glance it looked like he had broken his tail but after a good feel it seemed fine, it was as if he had forgot it was there and how to use it, thankfully within two weeks it was back to full working order but I'm not sure if it is something that will come and go or was just a one off

    any knowledge on the subject would be greatly appreciated

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    I have five Labs; and two of them get cold water tail ,it is a re-occurring thing with them I have been picking up today the dogs have been in the water ,so i exspect a couple of drooping tails tomorrow,i think it causes them some discomfort but they get over it in two or three days

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    Never heard of it! One more to add to the list!

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    Presumably the same as swimmers tail where the last half can go limp for a while. Generally resolves with time without treatment but looks a bit odd! Can sometimes be painful and need some antiinflammatories for a while.

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    Thanks for the replys he seems fine just wanted to make sure it was nothing to worry about

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    My Dad's lab had it from swimming around... apparently it's when they are wagging a lot in water the resistance strains the muscles and ends up painfully stiff and looks almost dead... it'll come back to life in a week or so.

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    My dog had a bout of it earlier this year - I thought she'd broken her tail somehow. After a day or two it was back to normal (ie wagging furiously!), with no subsequent reoccurrence. I googled it at the time, and apparently it seems to affect 'larger' dogs, such as labs, more than 'smaller' breeds.
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    My head nurse's son's lab had So called Frozen Tail syndrome regularly and he never worked in water. We just prescribed very low dose phenylbutazone for a few days. He took considerably longer to recover without treatment.

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    One of my labs suffers from it so I bought him a neopreen coat and that seems to have sorted the problem.

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    Yes, had a couple of labs, who have suffered. Not always in water.

    Moerena, many thanks, I didn't know it was treatable

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