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Thread: Driven Hunt Hessen

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    Driven Hunt Hessen

    For over the last 9 years i have been going to a driven hunt in Hessen germany. Just last year i did not go as i had less spare time and money to go. But this year things where better and i decided that i would go, accompanied by my dad (as a xmas gift).
    We could get a ride with a friend of mine who also went to the same driven hunt but had some trouble with the engine of his 1 year old toyota landcruiser as we stopped for diesel. It would only go at a maximum speed of 80 miles per hour, as before we did 110 mph easily on the autobahn. Turned out the filter was clogged. After sorting that out we arrived at our snowy destination.

    For the driven hunt i was put at the bottom of a hill / slope. The guy who put me there said i could either stand in front of the high seat, or sit in it. I decided to sit in it, although it might restrain my movement a bit i had far better view of my surroundings. Although i was not to happy about my shooting area's, a small ride to my left and at the back, and a steep slope in front of me that had a good ride on it, but at the very top (and because of a small hump probably just out of my view).
    Soon i heard dogs barking and from the back i could hear a wild boar grunting at the dogs. It was at the very bottom of the hill and obscured by trees and bushes. Sounded like the dogs pinned down a big wild boar. I heard it for about 30 minutes, standing ready with gun in hand, but nothing came out of the bushes unfortunately. Then a boar ran fom my left over the small path. Too quick, or i was too slow. At least i saw something. Then 15 minutes later i could hear boar approaching from uphill. Before i knew 4 already crossed the small path to my left, including the leading sow. The gun was now at my shoulder and the 5th boar (a piglet) crossing got a bullet from my 308. I reloaded (about 3 more piglets went running pass in the mean time) and aimed again for number 9. Shot went out, i reloaded but number 10 to 15 crossed savely.
    It all happens in seconds and i realized that a large group of 1 big sow, a small sow and in total 13 piglets just had passed. I fired two shots, first shot was a hit, second shot i was not too sure. I could not see any boar laying in cover so had to wait for the driven hunt to be over to have a look. Apart from the many shots i heard around me and the barking of the dogs nothing happened till 15 minutes before the end when a small uberlaufer crossed the path / ride behind me. I put the cross hairs on the shoulder and it went down.
    At 13.00 hours the driven hunt was over and i first went over where i shot at the group. I found the 2 shots, clearly visible in the snow. One turned out to be low and had no bloodsigns on the forestfloor. The other had blood so i went into cover and after 15 meters i found a piglet stone dead with a good shouldershot. Pretty happy about that as it was only a 3 meter wide ride i could aim for, practice in the shooting cinema pays off! I the collected the uberlaufer and gutted them both. Then i did the hard work carrying my stuff and the boar uphill . Took me a while and a lot of sweat, luckily i had some Scottish mountains for practice a couple of weeks earlier.

    Turned out we had a total of 31 wild boar, 2 red deer and 9 roe with about 40 hunters. A very good result .
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    Looks like a great trip!


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    Great day, I would say. Seems to be much more game around than in our Belgian Ardennes.

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    Waidmannsheil Ruud!
    You managed to do it good, also they put you on a difficult stand... Congratulations!
    Yes, train well for the drive at Matthias place in January, I crosschecked today, Matthias will contact you soon!!
    Speak soon, greetings from my boring driven hunt ...

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Excellent write up mate ,well done

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    Hi Ruud

    Nice one mate, I think you spend more time in Germany and the UK than you do at home

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    Well Done,
    I go there every year, a great place with some nice people. I,m sure you had a great day.

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