I have just purchased a pair of Tasco Off Trail WP 8x32 bins from Uttings 109.99 reduced to 39.99. I've been after something to "get me started"/"tide me over" until I can afford a 300-500 pair of possibly second hands bins.

I have to say I'm very impressed with these Tasco bins, they are clear and bright with a nice sharp image. They are very easy to adjust with one hand and very light indeed. The only slight drawback/complaint is that the focus wheel hasa little play in it so you have to take up the slack before the focus actually adjusts, but at 40 that is a minor issue. Even in low light they are very good, obviously I'm not going to try and suggest they are up there with Ziess or Swaros but they do very well indeed considering the price.

If you want a starter pair, or a pair for a youngster who is keen then you could do a lot worse than these.