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Thread: Tikka M590 Walnut Stock

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    Tikka M590 Walnut Stock

    I'm sure this is a M590 Tikka walnut stock - its new and nice, very nice.....i bought it advertised as a Tikka M695 - it doesn't fit that by a long shot and nearly fits a pals M595 hence me believing it must be for a M590.....

    Anyway i can't post photos but are more than happy to text these to whoever may be interested.

    I'm after 100 post included. PM me if interested.


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    pm sent. if its for a short action it should fit a 590 or 595

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    Provisionally sold subject to stock fitting action.........Cheers

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    cheers for the deal angus. here she is in her new stock. ive just got to take abit out of the barrel channel to make sure its fully floated. as its abit close at the front.

    surprizing how well stainless and wood looks.

    atb jamie

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