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Thread: anyone got snow yet

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    anyone got snow yet

    none here around Derby "yet" bloody roads are deadly though

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    No snow in the southwest,bloody good job too,I've lost enough work through the rain this year,Scotland is the best place for it

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    some in yorkshire, atb wayne
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    Yeah. We,ve got snow not a great lot but it still took 2 hours to get into aberdeen this morning. Freezing now, it,ll be a nightmare tomorrow. Cars don't go more than 10 MPH here if the weather is rough.

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    we had a couple of hours this morning, all gone now too wet to lay

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    yes got some snow ,lochs frozen some of the Voes have ice on where there is a lot of fresh water on the salt water ,snipe hanging around drains and running water, i dont feel it will stay long ,not untill the days lengthen will the cold strengthen, so the rhyme goes .

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    Snow here , the roads are treacherous , sheet ice in fact ..

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    A dusting here on the hills around glasgow but not enough to stop us driving.

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    Snowed in Buxton today buddy

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    Snow on the hills at slaithwaite and above holmfirth Huddersfield ! My highland cattle looked very festive this morning !

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