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Thread: has anybody used this nightvision scope ?

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    has anybody used this nightvision scope ?

    ive the chance of this second hand for a 22, any reviews would be helpfull

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    I used to have the ATN 410 basically the same apart from the 410 has 5x mag. I found the original IR to be poor but an N1000 IR laser totally transforms it. Mine was good for bunnys out to 100-150 yards on the HMR. So should be ok on 22LR poss even ok with standard IR. Heres a link to a bit of vid through mine although it loses a lot of clarity through the cam corder'

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    would you recommend it shaun ?

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    a good starter dedicated scope, i cant get on with add ons, i think it was the best gen1 i tried.

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    If you are only rabbit shooting I imagine it will be fine, but if you are after foxes you really need something gen 2+.

    I have one of these for foxing.
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    My opinion would be no, don't buy it unless it is as cheap as a cheap thing. You will soon get annoyed with the x2 mag. You will need to spend 100 on a secondhand n1000 to give you decent illumination. I would be ok for rats and close bunnies or maybe as a heavy spotter, but you will soon get bored with it. I don't think it would be good for foxes, there is plenty of better gen1 out there. By better I mean mor mag.
    My opinion but then I like my Gen 3
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    As above will do the job with a N1000 or sim but would need to be cheap, if you don't mind going the add-on route then get a Pulsar GS with DSA s/h and laser as ALL add-ons need IR.

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    If you are looking at this end of the NV spectrum then you are far better off building your own NV using a watec camera. Far better image quality then any Gen 1 NV.

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    well guys i was very lucky had a very nice chap make me up a DIY nv add on rig that is similiar in use to the uses a watec camera and ive tried it on my .22lr and on my .22-250 and i can see easily to 200yards
    it uses a converted old maglite head for IR and can flood or spot......still learning with it but very very pleased with picture...just same as any other NV in that you dont just plonk it on and voila its need to bugger bout with camera focus and if you have side parallex on the scope you can fiddle with all the settings so to speak till yer happy
    i can swap mine over between rifles and takes 5 minutes to swap & adjust for different scope not a hassle


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    ive the chance of this second hand for a 22, any reviews would be helpfull
    Yes had one, biggest gripe was the reticle which was way too bright even on the lowest setting! Wish I'd gone fore the nvrs-f Yukon or something!

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