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Thread: Arrived today

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    Arrived today

    My FAC was on the mat waiting for me this evening!

    I had emailed Sussex as it had gone back in at the start of November after completing DSC1 and they said 15 week wait. When I very politely advised them that I had been waiting since July as I had been asked to achieve DSC1 before re-submitting my application they advised they would get it done as soon as they could. I wasn't expecting it to be here a week later!

    I have got the high seat condition, despite having DSC1, but I have learnt from earlier experiences not to rock the boat and to just be patient, once I have grassed a few deer and got some proper experience I shall submit records/supporting info and request the condition is removed.

    This does mean however I can finally go and purchase the rifle I have had a deposit on since July (lucky to have an understanding RFD) and bring it home, very pleased, impressed with Sussex Firearms Team and can't wait to get out and try the new rifle!
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    What are the full conditions? I have never seen a high seat only condition?

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    "The .22 rifle and sound moderator .243 rifle and sound moderator and ammunition shall be used for shooting vermin fox deer from high seats and for zeroing on ranges, or land deemed suitable by the chief officer of police for the area where the land is situated and over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot"

    So both rifles can only be used from high seats or for zeroing.

    There is no explanation of what I do if I wound a deer and it runs into an area where there is not a high seat and I need to fire a despatching shot. I suppose I pop home and get my shotgun with some SSG cartridges and use that (sarcasm)

    I am not going to argue though as that will not get me anywhere, patience will out and in 6 months or so (experience permitting) I shall apply with some supporting info and request the conditions are removed.
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    Full marks to your FEO for imagination... How do they come up with them?

    shooting vermin from a high seat
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    I'm just intrigued how I get the hide up a tree to shoot rabbits with a .22
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    Will Sussex Police be providing the high seats? I can't see how they can impose this condition unless there is a serious safety issue with you or the land you have named, if this was the case then I'm surprised they granted the FAC in the first place?

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    if i read that right that means that if you go anywhere you can only shoot from seats. do you also zero on the land using a seat. you have your dsc1 so you have shown you are commited ,i would send it back and complain its un workable like you have just pointed out what if you get a runner and have to move
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    Was granted my FAC this year by Essex. None of the High seat only BS, just an accompanied condition which they removed when i passed DSC1 a month or so later.
    It amazes me the difference in conditions from force to force - bit of a post-code lottery!

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    Scott country are doing a portable back pack high seat that will be just the job mate.
    Im sorry but but your statement not to rock the boat makes it even harder for the next applicant, you have nothing to lose now the certificate is in your possession,
    A word with BASC or whoever you are with, then a nice polite but firm letter to the chief constable would be the best course of action.
    All joking aside if you are caught using your firearms on land and dont have a high seat you run the risk of losing your certificate.
    In effect the conditions imposed are unreasonable and restrictive to the point that you cannot use your firearms, see the home office guidelines on this.
    Have fun with the new rifle mate.
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    Adj that to me reads as shooting from high seats OR land deemed suitable by police worth asking the question i would have thought!
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