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Thread: DSC1 Shooting Test.

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    DSC1 Shooting Test.

    For the shooting test is it allowable to use a short bipod for the 100m prone shots then swap over to a long leg bipod for the 70m sitting shots?

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    I am sure it is. You can use a bipod for the prone and sticks for the standing so I can see no reason why you cant use the long bipod too. Does beg the question of what you would do in real life though. This could be the only reservation

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    I think the letter of the law is you must use what you would have with you in the field. Would you realy carry two bipods with you?


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    I used my long bi-pod for both distances & had no trouble. Depends how flat your firing point is.

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    DMQ website says normal stalking aids may be used (bipod, sticks etc.) at 70 and 100. sticks at 40.

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    shooting test

    As far as I can recall I think i did in fact do this when I took miy DSC1, it was a few years ago not but I'm sure it was fine then.

    Regs Lee

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    I had no problems on my level 1 when I used both sizes of bipod, but if you are not sure why don't you use a tripod stick that adjusts for standing or sitting

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    Mostly well covered.

    Any aid that you would expect to have with you whilst stalking permissable. Though Landrover bonnet etc probably pushing your luck

    As a DSC1 RCO/ Assessor for shooting test, I wouldnt have a particular issue. If in doubt just ask the guy assessing you.

    Can be a bit of a stressful occassion and only caution I'd add is to cut down as much faff factor as possible. Unless the higher bipod proves really unworkable for prone, I'd be inclined to leave it on for both positions.

    I have the high one on my Sako and find it works fine - though a certain amount of 'padding' around the middle means I'm quite high off the ground to start with

    Good luck

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    When I did mine, I had a standard 9-13" bipod at 100m then I swapped over to a 13-27" for the 70m shoot, sat behind the rifle and then removed it for the standing 40m shots with sticks. I also had a piece of rope attached to the sticks to hold under my trailing leg, this gave a steadier platform (Tripod) which allowd me to lean into the shot.

    Good Luck


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    Did the tests today but just fitted a long bipod, shot off a roe sack containg a roll of kitchen paper for the prone then extended the bipod for the sitting shots. First shot prone was smack centre of the bull which was a confidence boost and the rest of the shots where pretty much where I wanted them too.

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