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Thread: Abnormal growths

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    Abnormal growths

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    Shot this stag calf this morning and on gralloching, noticed these "hairy" growths, they felt hard like small testicles but they are not testes. Iv seen plenty hard black fibroids or melonoma on forestry beasts but these are quite different. One other abnormality, to us anyway, I can catagoricaly say this was a twin, 1 hind and 2 calfs , nothing else around and I could see a fair way. Anyone come across this?.
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    They look like inguinal (scent) glands but not present in that species...........

    Did you incise one?

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    Nope,I didnt. Gamedealer arrived as we were finishing off in larder.

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    Where were the testes?

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    Never seen that before, be interested to know what the vets on here think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buchan View Post
    Where were the testes?
    In the usual place.

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    OK that rules out a really severe split scrotum! I wonder if they were a form of nevus - a congenital skin growth. Not common and to find two symmetrical ones is really odd

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