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Thread: Choosing a powder ??

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    Choosing a powder ??

    Looking at various load manuals, book form and on-line there are many powders recommended for .243 win, but which is the right one ?
    The more I look the more undecided I am, I want to use 75 grain bullets, maybe V-max, maybe hollow points for fox with the outside chance at small deer.
    The powder needs to be available locally and temp stable, I don't want to load different powders for summer and winter, or have a big variance in fps dependant on temp.
    Looking the the Hodgdon site, H414 fills these needs, and does it at lower pressure and gives a high fill %, is this a good enough reason to go with it ?
    Or are the differences so small that any of the maybe more common choices are equally good, i.e. Varget or H380, or IMR 4320 or IMR 4895.
    I note also that these powders occupy very different places on the burn rate charts, but seem close in claimed velocity and pressure, what difference does the burn rate make, or is it a case of choosing slow or fast dependant on barrel length ?


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    I like the graphical display of the Hornady manual, and opening it just now at 75 grain bullets for the 243 Win, two of the powders I currently have are on the list with higher velocities - H4350 and Viht N-160. Locked away I have some rounds made up with each powder and I am pleased with both loads. One's for practice and the other's for deer.

    I have sourced both powders without too much bother and I've taken a similar approach on powders for the 260 Rem. I've also been given a steer on both these powders by folk who know a lot more about this than I do and shoot a lot better.

    Regards JCS

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    See, there's the problem, the two powders you mention are not even listed in my 2nd edition modern reloading.
    But they are listed in an old 12 edition Speer manual, and in the Speer manual is the data sheet from a set of Lee dies,
    that gives H414 as the top load, followed by H380 and then H4895.
    (i bought the manual second hand, never even found the Lee data sheet before, all folded up as a book mark for 45/70)
    I have to say H414 is looking good on both low pressure and fps + a high case fill % (which I was told is a good thing ?)


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    N140 p'raps?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    i have always used vit n160 for my 243 with very good results,however i have just this evening tried a few batches of the new superformance powder with 65g vmax for a foxing round with some impresive results ,but i guess the vit is the most tried and tested for me so that would get the thumbs up

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    Trouble with Vit is it is almost double the initial expenditure, and no local supply, which is why I said I wanted to stay with
    Hodgdon or possibly IMR, but IMR would need to be ordered, not something I really want to do.


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    H414 good powder for the 243, use it all the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0e_bl0ggs View Post
    H414 good powder for the 243, use it all the time!
    Agree, when I open the Lee Manual, H414 is right at the top of the list for 75gr bullets, followed by a number of other Hodgdon powders.

    Best powder for .243
    Site Needs .243/.243AI Loads Comments

    Regards JCS
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    H414 is a good choice for the .243, its all i have used for 70 grain and 90 grain, and have two sweet loads.

    However, the groups always open up a little when its very cold, i presume it is quite temperature sensitive,

    They dont open up by much at 100 yds, but enough to see.

    I still use it as my pet powder for it though.

    Cheers. Nik.

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