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Thread: First time after Muntjac.

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    First time after Muntjac.

    Well for the first time myself and Mark (a friend) travelled south to see Muntjacstalkers Mike and Jason. As for the weather well let's just say it was wet. Location was very easy to find with lots of places to eat and drink. I had tried to get Mark to go stalking for many years, and he finally agreed, so this was his first experience. I was praying he would love it and become another lover of our sport. Anway.... on to the stalking. Monday morning came and we met Mike and Jason at 7am as arranged. I was with Jason for the day and Mark was with Mike. I told Jason that I had not even seen a Muntjac, his reply was.... we will soon put that right! He turned his car into a drive and within 50 yards there on the right was a doe under some rhododendrums. The first thing that struck me was how small they were. We then continued on our journey and soon arrived at our zone and off we went.... seeing deer straight away. Believe me Jason has eyes like a buzzard, we bumped a few and tried for one or two. Soon enough Jason spotted a doe that was oblivious to me.... a couple of steps to the right and sticks up and then waited for the shot. Bang my first munty, down on the spot I hit it a bit far back but it was down and out. Wow this was very 'close up' stalking. Back at the farm there was no sign of the other pair.... but eventually they returned and Mark had a big smile on his face.... he too had also shot his first munty. Kettle on and a good chin wag about the mornings events. That afternoon we were back out in the rain! We saw a few but none would come out to play or stand still long enough for a shot to be taken. But at the end of the day, right by where the car was parked, was a field of rape.... we peared down the side of the field to see three deer already out.... then a forth joined them.... I aimed and shot the smalest one out of the group. Deer down but again made a bit of a mess, glad it was down but I would have liked it cleaner. The next day Mark and I switched guides so I was out with Mike. There is no shortage of deer in these parts.... we saw them straight away. They all seemed to be under cover out of the rain but Mike spotted one under a yew tree, so determined to keep this one clean I took it well forward.... bang deer down. Straight through the chest and out through the front leg happy days only to find on the grollock that something had knicked the stomach again. Three down and no runners. Our last stalk came all to quickly and once again within minutes we had seen deer and stalked up within 20 yards. Then on our way back we saw one out at about 120 yards so we tried to get a closer look.... at 60 yards we knew it was a buck...(we were only after does). Mike said "see how close you can get" so off I went.... 50, 40, 30, 20 yards then there were no more trees to hide behind 15 yards and the buck had enough and bolted into the brambles.... but what great fun. These two guys are great with premiership ground. If it's Muntjac your after you will not go wrong. Many thanks Jason and Mike for a great two days and helping to get one more hooked to our sport. See you both next year for a buck!

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    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Congratulations on youre munty and thank you for the nice story.

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