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Thread: Never Got Chance To Get Boared

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    Never Got Chance To Get Boared

    After sitting in the high seat last week waiting for a Boar which never turned up, this week totally different scenario. I go to my mates at 12.45 lunch time and was in the seat by 1.30 pm, the wind was cold and there was a very bright sunlight shinning right in my face, if a Boar came in front of me there was not going to be a chance of seeing it as the sun was right in my scope.By 2.00 pm i spotted a couple of small Boar moving through the bushes going from left to right no shot as they were hidden fairly well by the undergrowth, i could hear Boar in the distance grunting and squealing but nothing sounded very close i then caught sight of a good size Boar stood with head held high just sniffing the air and listening to the surrounding noises, i was'nt going to move for fear of making it charge off and scare the others i could hear moving about.I waited for 10 mins or so just as still as i could be my heart was getting louder as it seemed at the time, just waiting for the right moment to take the shot was it going to turn or move off is what i was thinking to myself,I turned slowly around in the high seat and shaded my eyes from the sun the Boar was 50-60 yards away just stood i pushed off the safety and bang a shot right between the eyes, the Boar sat on it's hind quarters and then slowly keeled over with just a couple of kicks with it's back legs.I soon got on the phone to my mate who came over in a few minutes with the Quad to collect my prize and take it back to the Farm where it got washed and weighed , it was a sow and weighed in at 250 lbs and in very good condition i was chuffed for this is the biggest i have shot to date but there are one or two there that would make this one look like a piglet. .

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    Nice boar, congrats!

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    Well done, a good looking boar!



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    Well done but a bit of a shame to have to shoot the mature sow's it can cause more problems than its worth with the sounder, ie more damage and unseasonal breeding. Unless your trying to eradicate totaly them I suppose.



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    Nice work and nice pig but have to agree with Wayne on this one. Unless you are seeking to eradicate then matriarch sows are probably best left for the reasons Wayne mentions. Not trying to criticise or be a smart @rse but more a case of learning from the mistakes of others. We have been managing boar in my area for quite a few years and am always learning. Unless specific reason to do so, we always seek to avoid shooting the matriarch sows and take immature and male animals only. We still have sows here with late litters and dependant young which, I hope, further illustrates the point.



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    Yes i do agree, but when the Farmer / land owner asked you to thin them down a bit as they are getting a few to many, the best way to do that is take out a few females,as there is always more Females than Males that turn up and i am only doing what i am told to do .

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    Understood and can relate to your situation as I manage boar on several farms, some of which sustain considerable damage at certain times of year. As mentioned, I'm always learning and have shot matriarch sows myself so do not adopt any moral high ground here. However, what I have learnt is that doing so disrupts the social order of the group, can result in multiple females coming into oestrus and at different times of year resulting in more pigs that are harder to manage. Not what the farmer wants!

    I agree that taking out breeding females is a suitable population control method but maintain that this is more applicable to deer and less so to boar which are quite different.

    In my experience, baiting stations will allow you to take out multiple younger animals and if done sensibly that old sow would have kept bringing them back to you.

    Please forgive me for chipping in and I really do not want to appear critical.

    All the best and happy hunting


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    Hi Stalker
    I can only repeat what penyard has said he has explained it perfectly, don't think for a minute I was having a dig as I too have shot mature sows in the past but have learnt that this isn't always the best way to stop damage.

    Enjoy your boar hunting its a pretty special thing to have in the UK.



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    got to keep the farmer happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    got to keep the farmer happy!
    A big bag of sausages and evidence of plenty of effort keeps my farmers happy . Am taking one of my biggest farmers out for a pig on Sunday as he fancies a crack at shooting one which should definitely keep him happy along with some meat for Xmas.

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