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Thread: My Jeep Grand Cherokee

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    My Jeep Grand Cherokee

    On account of my bad back I now need an automatic so I am selling my Jeep. It is a 1997 Grand Cherokee 2.5 Tdi, 103,500 miles. It has a full service history, I have all the MOT's bar two that I cannot find, most of the receipts and records of work done to it since new. Everything works except the air, it has never worked since I had it but I don't have much call for it in the Highlands. It has PAS, ABS, E/W, adjustable steering, cruise control, AM/FM cassette CD player, five new tyres, a set of seat covers, that I have taken off for the benefit of the viewing public, air bags, tow bar and I expect other stuff that I have forgotten. It is taxed until October and tested until November. It has a 2 inch suspension lift and the tyres are taller so the ground clearance is better than your average.

    Somewhere around the 1600 mark will secure it.


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    PM sent....I think!

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    you thunk right! no pm


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    Car now sold, thanks for the interest expressed


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