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Thread: what are .204 like?

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    what are .204 like?

    My mate is thinking about buying a .204 for foxes, i have no idea what they are like compaired to my .223. Any help out there. Cheers, Gez

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    They are awesome calibers. They shoot very high (for their weight) BC bullets at exciting speeds. Due to this the shoot very flat and are very very good in the wind due to this. There performance trajectory and wind bucking ability is like a .22-250 but with a bit less energy. I think most people who try them don't go back to their .223's. I know a few people who have or have had both and they say the never bother with their .223's anymore, two friends of mine sold their .223's as the .204 was a better performer in all types of vermin and on fox.

    With the .20 cal like I have said you have laser beam trajectory, excellent wind bucking ability with next to no recoil, you can reload it for the same price as any other .22 centre fire, quite a large selection of reloading components and a selection of factory ammo although it may be more expensive then .223.

    The only advantage I see in the .223 is that you can buy cheap factory ammo and it is c/w deer and munti legal and if you are going to shoot 1000's of rounds paper punching then the .223 might be better.

    If its vermin and fox destruction your mate is after, I'm sure he fall in love with the .204.

    Hope this helps,

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    In short - awesome. Flat as a flat thing and very fast, low recoil round. From what I have seen ( I don't own one, but have been present) - a highly effective round. More effective than 223? - Depends on your shooting style and range etc - but they sure as hell do the job. As does the 223....

    223 more of a utility round with the ability to also do smaller deer. If you still want that and more speed - 22.250? All as wide as it is long.....
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    I believe it sits squarely between 220swift and 22-250, so can essentially deliver a fox/varminting bullet out to almost 300yds at MPBR - ie. no holdover or BS, just point and shoot.. so apart from perhaps eating powder and barrel life, it's an effective round.

    however, ask yourself how often foxes are shot at that range...if often then great, if infrequently, then why bother.

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    Gez my .204 gets well used and i find it an outstanding foxing /varminting tool its does just flatten foxes the 204 is flat shooting hard hitting low recoil cheap to reload but any of the .17/.20/.22 CF would do the same job out to 300m

    i dont think Mr fox would tell the difference between a 32gr .20cal hitting him @ 4000fps or a 45gr .22 @ 3400fps they would both be very effective.

    if he does get one he would not be disappointed in any way ....Neil

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    tell him to get one. any of the 20 calibre rifles are superb. i will have one at some point in thr future. be boring if we didnt try different calibres wouldnt it.
    im also a fan of the smaller calibres like 17 and 20 calibre centrefire rifles

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    I got a 204 back in the spring fan blooming tastic round . Cracking vermin round

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    I've owned a pair of rifles chambered for 204 Ruger . I "had" a Ruger 77MKII VT with the grayed stainless and laminated stock when the cartridge first hit the market That one shot some astronomical good groups with factory ammo and or handloads . It shot factory so well I couldn't really do any better with my handloads . Either way it was an honest to goodness 5 shot 1/2 MOA rifle . And like a 6mm PPC I had in the same type rifle I got tired of it and sold it to someone that wanted it more then myself !

    The other 204 I have had is one I bought used in a Ruger #1B single shot and gave to my father for Xmas a year or two back . This one shoots okay but nothing like the first one . My pop likes #1's and I like to collect stuff so it seemed a good compromise . This #1 is about a 3/4" for 3 shots at 100 yards with handloads . I'm sure I could put a Kepplinger trigger in it and do a little better .

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    thanks everyone i will pass on the good news and get him to look on here!

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    Glad you found this some help, here is a interesting read for you and your friend.

    Cooper .204 Ruger Montana Varminter

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