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Thread: Dillon .308 calibre conversion kit......

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    Dillon .308 calibre conversion kit......

    Before I place an order from the states, anyone on this side of the atlantic got a .308 calibre conversion kit for a 550 press? Failing that, does anyone have any more local suppliers they could suggest.....

    PM me if you can help....

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    Look in the Dillon manual

    The 308 kit is the same as the .45acp set, the only part that varies between the 2 is the powder funnel/case neck expander.
    Same size pins
    Same model of base plate

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    As SADDLER has said above. Other than the powder through expander it is the same pins and base as 45 ACP. Try Joe Beatham at Gunshop East Barnet who has, on his shelves, some Dillon 550 Conversion Kit in 45 ACP I believe.

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    ...and already owning all the items on that link APART from the powder funnel, your point is?

    Powder funnels cost $15.65 from Dillon

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0e_bl0ggs View Post
    Where does he say he owns any of the parts on that link, or any 45 cal parts a55hole?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    your quote also copies the OP's request "anyone on this side of the atlantic"

    By PM I know that the previous owner of the press had a lot of 45ACP brass...chances are there IS a conversion kit for 45ACP

    I'll make sure I copy you into all my PMs in future

    Oh, you did read posts #2 & #3 before replying, didn't you? Didn't you!?!?!

    ...I'll also need your address so I can treat you to something you need for Xmas - an atlas
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