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Thread: zeiss or burris

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    zeiss or burris

    hi there i have a zeiss diatal 6x42 on my 243 dont like it one bit am i wrong to change it for burris fullfield II 3.5x10x50

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    Why would you be wrong its your choice? if you prefer the Burris use the Burris, simples, its your eyes only you can tell which one your eyes prefer, ive had a couple of Burris , nice scopes, also still have a couple of zeiss too.

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    For what its worth I think Burris scopes are hidden gems in the scope world. While not trendy they punch above their weight in terms of quality and value and I have used several over the years and not regretted it. I think GMK are the official importer and they also bring in Leupold so probably don't 'push' Burris too heavily but a dealer told me Burris sold well in areas without a Zeiss dealer. Hope this helps you make an informed decision.

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    I have a burris fulfield 11 on my 270 been on well over 2 years now exellent scope even at night foxing,atb wayne
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    I have a Burris Fulfield 30 3.5 -10 x 50 E dot on my 243 and it is a cracking scope. I have had it on the rifle for nealy 2 years and have never needed to adjust it. The glass is great and the biuld quality is on the ball. They are well worth the money.

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    I bought a Burris Fullfield II 3X9 for very little money for my .17 HMR, and to be honest it would be perfectly fine for a deer rifle. Optical clarity is good, the fine crosshair is great. It is a no nonsense scope that I do worry about in the field.

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    the only Burris I have the mis fortune of holding in my hands was the one designed for the Sako Quad.
    didnt like it.

    but as a comparison I am not sure it is straight forward to compare a high end brand bottom of range scope with a low end brand top of range scope.

    but if you fancy selling your zeiss I am looking for another 6x42!

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    the burris is very good and being a variable gives you a little room to play with above the zeiss. But it isn't a zeiss

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    the burris is very good and being a variable gives you a little room to play with above the zeiss. But it isn't a zeiss
    could not have put it better myself.

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    I have three Burris scopes, two of which (both compacts) have crosshairs that are 2hrs adrift on the clock face of perfect alignment with the adjustment turrets!

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