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Thread: Reloading Legalities.

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    Reloading Legalities.

    Given the current price of Ammo, I am consdering starting to reload with a mate. I have a couple of questions that I hope some of you might be able to help me with.

    - I am currently allowed to buy 60 rounds and hold 40. Does this still apply with the component parts of the round or is it he finished article?

    - Can I load the rounds and then "gift" them to my friend?

    - Are the component parts subject to the same security as the complete round?

    Many thanks


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    reload legals

    First off, why only 60/40 rounds?

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    Re: reload legals

    Quote Originally Posted by steven latham
    First off, why only 60/40 rounds?
    Its a Strathclyde Police thing.


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    Ask you local FEO to show you the legislation which limits your purchase to 60/40 or 40/60. ACPO guidelines apply to your Constabulary as well as the rest of the UK. If you have a legitimate reason then there should be no problem. If you are a member of BASC speak to their Firearms Dept.

    My local Constabulary D&G were extremely obliging and ultimately asked me what I wanted to purchase and hold.

    Almost every make of bullet is supplied in boxes of 100 which means you are currently out of the equasion. The fact that you intend reloading is the reason for requesting an increase in your purchasing and possession limits.

    If you try and continue with the current restriction on you FAC you will not even be able to begin to reload. What about load development!!!!!!!!!!! I guess thats a complete no no in Strathclyde.

    If you are serious about reloading make an appointment to see you FEO either at home (preferably as it your ground) or at the local station. Take a pre-written letter with you requesting an increase in purchase/possess limits and explain what you intend doing. There is no fee payable as it isn't a variation and there is no reason why they cannot complete the paper work in forty eight hours. D&G returned mine in under twenty four hours.

    Have your facts ready. You cannot complete load development for your rifle with a limit of 40/60. Load development includes accuracy and therefore has a welfare issue as well. Be prepared to increase your security if extra bullets mean more safe/security space. Yes bullets are subject to the same security as rounds.

    As regards component parts if you read Section 2 of your FAC it is self explanatory; Ammunition including expanding ammunition and expanding missles. Yes bullets count as a round. I know totally daft but there it is until a change in legislation. All the more reason for having purchase/possess increased.

    As regards "Gift" you most certainly can with section 1 ammunition. Your FAC only mentions section 1. Expanding ammunition is section 5. Not all RFD's are section 5 authorised. If you colleague is authorised to possess expanding ammunition let him reload his own then the problem is solved. If your colleague is authorised by an additional condition on his FAC to acquire expanding ammunition then that would also cover the question of being able to "Gift" reloaded ammunition. I would suggest you seek guidance from a higher authority.

    Hope this helps and please do not blame me when reloading becomes an obsession. Trust me it will.


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    Re: Reloading Legalities.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stringer
    - I am currently allowed to buy 60 rounds and hold 40.
    Sorry other way round

    Quote Originally Posted by Ballibeg
    -Its a Strathclyde Police thing.
    Seems to be mate


    Thanks for your comprehensive answer, I telephoned police today, waiting for someone to call me back. Its just an idea at the moment. A mate and me were going to share the cost of the equipment. Just working out the finer points to see if its a worthwhile exercise.



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    Some conflicting advice from the police.

    Local guy says that only once the components have been assembled are they counted, but head office in Glasgow, as Spiker says, maintain that expanding heads are counted.

    I will err on the side of caution and send a letter off today to have the amounts increased on my certificate.

    Anybody in Strathclyde got any idea what the local police will accept as a reasonable request?



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    I am not in Strathclyde but Avon and Somerset.
    I started reloading in January this year and at the time I had 100/160 buy/hold allowance for hunting with a 243.
    I asked for and got 300/400.
    This allows me to buy 3 boxes of bullets of 100 each at one time.

    Expanding bullets count to your allowance whether assembled or not.
    Whether your RFD writes the purchase on your FAC of expanding bullets is determined by the policy of your force, it is not a legal requirement and some forces do, some do not.

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    Just had a call from Strathclyde police offering me 100 to buy and 120 to keep. I had asked for 200/300. Explained my reasons ie load development, accuracy etc etc to the girl and she is going to speak to the boss. My certificate is showing that I have purchased around 150 rounds in the last year. Am I being unreasonable in my request?

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    No you are not being unreasonable. I asked for buy 250 hold 300 from D&G, & because I had been getting through plenty of ammo on the table on the back it was fine, added to this the HO guidelines.

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    Relaoding in Glasgow

    I deal with Pitt St also and I reload.

    I had to thow a tantrum and threaten them with SACS to get my limits increased. I had 40/60 and got it doubled.

    Every expanding bullet head (hunting round) counts towards your limit.

    there are home office guidelines on this so they have no right to question you. Talk to SACS or BASC etc if they muck you around.

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