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Thread: Can anyone identify this scope.

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    Can anyone identify this scope.

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    Wondering if anyone recognises the model of this scope its got a gold L on one of the three turrets and Made in USA on the underside. Other than than that there is no other markings or writing on it (Didnt see under front scope cover). Also is it worth anything? I'm lead to beleive its over 5+ years old.

    Any info wold be appreciated, many thanks.

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    Photographs not clear but it looks like a Leupold to me or a Chinese knock off.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi im pretty sure it's a Leupold now as the 'L' logo on side is the same as the one on Leupold website. Just thought is strange it didnt have any other writing on it but looks possible its from the tactical range.

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    My Leupold Mark 4 has the information on the BASE not the sides

    That said - Leupold are one of the most copied scopes in the Far East/China

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    Is there any way of knowing either way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash222004 View Post
    Is there any way of knowing either way?
    What paperwork it has
    Any boxes/packaging
    Where the current owner purchased it (if on-line from a certain auction site or Airsoft site chances are it's a fake)

    There are LOTS of dedicated webpages on the net giving a lot of info on what to look for in relation to Leupold copies

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    If i remember correctly most of the leup clones had a serial number with 8888 at the start or the end not sure which. It does look really similar to leup tactical but not sure wether fake or genuine
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboab29 View Post
    If i remember correctly most of the leup clones had a serial number with 8888 at the start or the end not sure which
    Aye - have just replied to a PM about this where I remembered that Leupold have a facility to allow you to email them a serial number & they will let you know if the scope is genuine.

    Fingers crossed

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    Sorry but I think it's a fake leupold , looks exactly like one I saw on ebay , where did you er it ?

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    laser etched gold ring on obj and genuine srial number that coincides with model

    all on the website

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