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Thread: Best camera for deer?

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    Best camera for deer?

    Having just seen a fantastic collection of wildlife photography, I now feel inspired to have a bash at it myself. The question is Ė where do I start?
    Iíve done searches for best cameras etc which just seems a minefield!
    I would be hopefully taking pictures of deer mostly whilst out stalking as well as anything else interesting. Although I am pretty good at getting close to deer, I think I will need a good zoom as I donít want to get too close as I will no doubt be shooting some of them once I have Ďstolen their spiritsí! It would have to be digital too, and small enough to carry around with the rest of my kit. I donít want to spend too much either as it will probably end up on Ebay as soon as Iíve got this stage of my life out of my system!

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    How will this earn Alison new boots?

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    Can of worms time!!

    Any Digital SLR from a Quality brand 10MP+

    I would recomend minimum 300mm lens but you will want 500mm for a lot of stuff.



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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man
    How will this earn Alison new boots?
    Maybe a photo of her in just her new boots might be worth something?
    Don't tell me - you've already got one!!

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    Unfortunately, like most things, you only get what you pay for. The Lumix range of compacts are prob the most highly rated, but in low light conditions you're going to struggle with most things. Most dedicated wildlife photographers will be shooting with thousands of pounds worth of kit mounted on a very sturdy tripod

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    It's got to be a digital SLR. I've had a Nikon D70 and a D80 and have been chuffed with them both. It's suddenly like you've had lessons!

    If you've got the budget look at the new D90 (or better). As has already been said, to get in seriously close you're going to need 500mm+ lens. I've only got 300mm and find it a bit limiting (twas ever thus )

    An example:

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    The problem with cameras is that to gather a lot of light you need a lot of good glass, just like a rifle scope. If you also want a long zoom then you also need to get a lot more light in the front end and so you end up carrying something that wouldn't look out of place on the touchline at a football match.

    So, like most things in life, it is a compromise between quality and something that is small enough to carry. In my case I go for something small and light on the basis that if I don't have it with me it doesn't matter how good it is.

    For what it is worth I use a Canon G9 which is a very compact 12Mpixel digital. It is OK, but the glass on my old 2Mpixel Canon compact is better and so it actually can produce better photos despite the lack of wizz bang technology.

    I took the following last week with the G9, you can see how the small sensor causes a lot of noise. I think the hind had a calf nearby as well as the follower

    however this shot was taken with the same camera and is quite acceptable, aided by the fact that I got a bit closer and the light was good

    This one was taken with a good digital SLR (it was actually my father who took it) with a lot of glass out the fount and you can see that it is a great shot even though the light isn't great

    There is no way it is possible to stalk with the rifle and carry a big lens/camera so for me it is the compact Canon that goes along and that gets most of my photos.

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    the problem i hav found is not in the camera as such but more on how to use it properly
    these were took with the same camera but light , rain and ground conditions made a big difference to how you set your camera for such pics
    i use a panasonic lumix 5 mgp, 12 optical 48 dig
    goes to the equivalent of 420 mm lense size
    now i hav set the shutter speed to my liking , it acts just like an SLR, just keep my finger on the button and takes upto 25 pics from a single press perfect for sequence pics
    or alternatively you just keep clicking for a single picture action

    2 pics of the same deer within a seconeds of each pic

    again pics at distance with in seconeds as the deer moved into the crop

    but once you get an idea and clarity right you can adopt what type of pic you want
    this one is natural

    this one was more focused on the head and so the surrounding is sort of blurred

    this out of focus

    better clarity

    or just a different position

    range doe affect it a lot
    distance (300 yrds approx)

    the snow also effects it a lot
    Fallow in the snow both pics within 10 mins of each other just waiting the the best pic
    as you see neither came out very well

    or this one
    and what a pic if it had been clearer

    this one just bloody fantastic

    all with the same camera just some times you get it right others well
    you will find out
    and yes i do actually stalk aswell
    even with the camera around me neck

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    Some great shots there mate! I think compact is the way ahead for me too as I couldn't be without my rifle! As a matter of interest, what sort of range were those shots taken at?

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    My last reply was actually aimed at caorach, it would appear we both posted at the same time Stone!
    Once again though, some smashing pics which gives me more incentive to have a go at it. Lovely Melanistic bucks - where were they from? I've not seen any quite that black before. The 'kissing' ones is a classic. Shame you didn't get the quality you were after. I don't suppose you'll get a chance like that again? Cheers, MS.

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